Frequently Asked Questions about Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Law

Answers from attorneys who offer a range of debt relief options  

1. Why do I need an attorney to help me with debt relief?  

You are at great risk when you have overwhelming debt. You may face lawsuits from your creditors, seizure of your car or loss of your home.   Debt consolidation services cannot defend you against litigation, repossession or foreclosure. Only a qualified debt relief attorney can help you confront these serious matters.

2. What happens if I get sued?  

Getting served with a lawsuit can be a frightening experience - but, the courteous staff at Harold Shepley and Associates will be alongside you throughout your journey helping you understand what is going on and what you can do about it.   We can settle a lawsuit no different than any other debt.  In fact, sometimes we can get the case dismissed - meaning that you owe the creditor nothing. Getting sued with Harold Shepley & Associates behind you can actually be a good thing!  

3. What information should I prepare when I call your office?  

The easy answer is all of the financial information that you can have prepared. This includes specifics about your income, expenses and debt. The more that information  that we have from you, the better we can guide you.  

4. If I file for bankruptcy, will I lose my house and my car?

Many people who file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can keep their homes and cars. Call 877-533-3389 for a free consultation and we'll work with you to figure out your options. Having a good attorney is always your best chance for keeping as much as you can.  

5. Why is debt negotiation preferable to filing for bankruptcy?  

Bankruptcy damages your credit for up to 10 years after receiving your discharge. It is easier to clean up your credit after completing debt negotiation than after completing bankruptcy.  In addition, a bankruptcy can also affect your ability to get a job, housing, and insurance.  

6. When is credit restoration necessary?  

Your credit score may be reduced when you fail to make payments on time or in full. Bankruptcy causes the greatest damage to your credit, but even debt negotiation can have a negative impact. Our firm can help you restore your credit score and provide you a more secure future.  

7. I'm struggling with my mortgage.  What are my options?

In these rough economic times, many people are becoming delinquent on their mortgage payments.  This does not mean you need to lose your home.  Harold Shepley and Associates offer many different options to keep your home.  These include: Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, mortgage foreclosure defense, and possibly debt negotiation to reduce your unsecured debt so you can afford your mortgage payment.

And remember, there is always hope. With an experienced and compassionate team like Harold Shepley & Associates by your side, you can break the chains of debt and get on your path to financial freedom today.

Call us at 877-827-9006 or contact us online for a free consultation! Relief is closer than you think!

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