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It seems like these days, many law firms and other agencies who deal with debt are just in it for a quick buck. They don't want to hear your concerns - they just want your filing fees and any other money they can get from you, and then they want to be done.

We are a different story entirely. Our founder, Attorney Harold Shepley, began practicing bankruptcy and debt law because he also struggled with overwhelming debt and the anxiety, fear, and stress it can inject into your life.

Fear no more - when you contact Harold Shepley & Associates, you gain the full support and knowledge base of our friendly debt experts.

Experienced PA debt relief attorneys working by your side

There are a number of factors that distinguish us from other debt relief providers - who are often money-hungry, inattentive, and just downright rude. Some factors that set us apart include:

  • Free Consultation - You're already having money issues, how could anyone charge you just to listen to your concerns and offer a bit of advice? At Harold Shepley & Associates, we don't consider a consultation to be a billable service; it's a matter of basic human decency.
  • Overall Debt Options - We offer more than just bankruptcy services. In fact, we prefer to use bankruptcy as a last resort. We will look into every possibility and work out a plan with you and help you decide which path is best for you. Some of our other services include debt negotiation, mortgage foreclosure defense, debt consolidation, and litigation defense.
  • Harold's Debt Relief Story - As we've mentioned before, Attorney Harold Shepley has been in your shoes. In fact, he may have even had it worse. Creditors calling and making illegal threats, embarrassing incidents with debt collectors on the phone, his possessions nearly subject to a sheriff sale - you name it; he went through it. Harold's full story is quite compelling and sheds some light on why we operate the way we do.
  • Why We Are Different - For a full list of what makes Harold Shepley & Associates the best choice for debt relief and more, read our full list of what makes us different from other law firms and debt relief providers.

For more information on debt relief, the other services we offer, or on what sets us apart from your average firm, please - call us today! Our number is 877-827-9006 and you can also contact us online any time for a free consultation!

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