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When Should I Consider Filing Bankruptcy?

Many of life's unexpected events, such as illness, divorce, loss of employment, or a wage reduction can be devastating to a family's budget. Our clients consider bankruptcy as the final resort to address the overwhelming debt in their lives. Most individuals describe one of the following events that forced them to consider this option.

  • I missed a few payments on my credit card accounts and one of my creditors sued me.
  • I lost my job and can barely pay the rent and living expenses.
  • My employer is not providing as many hours of work and my income has dropped.
  • My spouse was laid off and our income has been significantly reduced.
  • My health has declined and I am no longer working.
  • I have a fixed income and costs for my day-to-day purchases keep rising.
  • I co-signed a loan for a friend and my friend didn't pay the creditor; the creditor is suing me.
  • I missed a few payments, my interest rates on my credit cards increased and now my monthly payments are so much I cannot even pay the minimum monthly payments.
  • I used my credit card thinking I would pay it off, but I didn't and now the debt is overwhelming.
  • My car was repossessed when I missed some payments, but now the creditor is demanding that I pay the remaining balance owed.
  • I missed a few payments on my mortgage and now the bank is trying to foreclose.
  • I missed payments on my car loan, but I need to do something to stop a repossession.
  • I tried making payment arrangements with my creditors, but each one is demanding lump sums and they just do not understand that I cannot afford to make those payments.

So, what can you do if you face one of these situations? If you do nothing, then your creditors will determine how, and perhaps when, you will be forced to pay the debt that you owe. Your creditors may sue you for the money that you owe. If a creditor obtains a judgment against you, then it may try to levy, or freeze, your bank account. A creditor may record a judgment as a public record and it will act as a lien against your Pennsylvania real estate.

Discuss your situation with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys. Sometimes we can explore opportunities to help you avoid filing bankruptcy. Now is the time for you to take control of your financial future. We invite you to contact our office to discuss how bankruptcy can help you. The consultation is free! 1-877-827-9006.

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