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Financial hardship is not something to be ashamed of. Nearly one million Americans filed for bankruptcy in 2014 alone. Our founder, Harold Shepley, even went through the struggle of bankruptcy himself - so you can trust us when we say, "We know how you feel."

You can also trust that there is hope for keeping your home and help waiting for you at Harold Shepley & Associates. We employ multiple methods for ceasing or stalling foreclosure proceedings and we help keep you in your home.

The first step to getting help is asking for it. Call us today, one of our friendly and helpful foreclosure representatives will be happy to listen to your concerns and help you start building a case. Our phone number is 877-827-9006 and we can be reached through our contact form any time.

Multiple ways to stop foreclosure

Depending on your situation, we use an array of different foreclosure defense techniques to help you avoid foreclosure.

  • Loss Mitigation - Good for people who may be able to make their payments if they were just a little bit lower. Maybe you've hit a rough patch or unexpectedly lost your job and just need a break. We can lower your monthly payments, your interest, and even the principal owed on your loan.
  • Bankruptcy - Nobody wants to declare bankruptcy, and we consider it to be a last resort. It can be useful to file, however. When you file bankruptcy, you are granted something called automatic stay. This means that debt collections, foreclosure proceedings, repossessions, and more all must stop immediately. This can grant you valuable time to reorganize and get your finances on track.
  • Short sale / deed in lieu - If there is no feasible way to continue paying your mortgage, we can help you with a short sale of your house or properly surrendering your deed to avoid credit-damaging foreclosure.

Call the Somerset foreclosure Representatives at Harold Shepley & Associates

No matter what your circumstance, if you're facing significant debt or foreclosure - call the attorneys at Harold Shepley & Associates at 877-827-9006 or contact us online any time. We understand what it's like to be in your shoes, and we want to help.

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