Do You Qualify for Loss Mitigation?

Behind on your mortgage and considering declaring bankruptcy? Read this first

Many people in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure think that their only option is bankruptcy. They're scared, they don't want to lose their family home, and they don't know what to do about it.

The experienced debt relief attorneys at Harold Shepley & Associates do, however.

Many people aren't aware that there are alternative methods to handle the situation. One such alternative is a mortgage foreclosure defense.

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Qualifying for loss mitigation

There are certain criteria you must meet to qualify for a loss mitigation. Largely, these criteria are based on income and necessity.

If you earn too much, the bank will not consider a loss mitigation. If you don't earn enough to make even a workout payment, then you're doing yourself a disservice because your home can still be foreclosed upon after a loss mitigation.

Some examples of the qualifiers for loss mitigation include:

  • The home is your primary residence - If you're about to lose your only family home, your creditors are much more likely to listen to your case than if you are worried about losing your summer vacation home.
  • Mortgage exceeds 31% of your total income - As stated before - regardless of your circumstances, if your income is too high, your creditors aren't going to understand why you can't pay back the original principle at the original rate.
  • Unpaid loan doesn't exceed the limit - If the unpaid principle on your mortgage is more than $730,000, you most likely will not qualify for loss mitigation.

We help show your bank that your actual income level is neither too low to achieve a loss mitigation payment nor too high for you to deserve consideration. If your lender demands evidence of your financial hardship, we build a compelling case for your genuine need.

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