Mortgage Foreclosure Defense in Pennsylvania

Alternatives to foreclosure

Can't make your monthly mortgage payment? Struggling to fight off foreclosure? We know how you feel because we've been there!

Do not give up hope and do not assume that bankruptcy is necessary.

The path to financial recovery may not be an easy one, and you will need experienced attorneys like Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC by your side. We pour every bit of effort we have into helping you avoid foreclosure through methods like:

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Are you eligible for mortgage foreclosure defense?

To be honest, it can be tricky. Whether or not you get a loss mitigation depends on a number of things, and the bank issuing your mortgage has the final say.

  • Your bank's mortgage foreclosure decision rests largely on how much money you make.
  • If you earn too much, the bank won't consider you for an adjustment; however, if you don't earn enough, the bank may decide you are unable to make a lowered payment and push ahead with foreclosure proceedings anyway.

Your foreclosure defense attorneys

If your lender demands evidence of your financial hardship, our attorneys stand behind you every step of the way. We build a compelling case for your genuine need and ability to meet a modified mortgage payment so that you can keep your home.

A mortgage foreclosure defense is never guaranteed, but we are often successful in getting your lender to:

  • Lower your interest rate
  •  Agree to accept less than the principal balance of the loan
  •  Move your deficiency balance to the end of the loan

Prevent foreclosure and avoid bankruptcy through mortgage foreclosure defense

The Pennsylvania bankruptcy attorneys at Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC work directly with you and your creditors to get you back to debt freedom.

Call us at 877-827-9006 for a free consultation about your mortgage foreclosure defense. You can also contact us online any time - we want to help save your home and keep you out of bankruptcy.


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