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Should I have a lawyer for debt negotiation?

Without question - yes.

If you still have a steady income but just aren't making enough money to cover even the minimum payments on your credit obligations, then debt negotiation may be the best of your alternatives to bankruptcy.

Debt negotiation as a process, however, is complex and full of intricacies. Without a proper attorney to help them, most average folks wouldn't even know where to begin.

That's where we come in. The experienced attorneys at  Harold Shepley & Associates are well-versed in debt negotiation, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy law, and more.

Advantages of a Debt Negotiation Attorney

In addition to giving you the confidence of an experienced professional beside you, the debt negotiation attorneys at Harold Shepley & Associates can:

  • Reduce your overall debt - We work with creditors to reduce the actual amount of money you owe, lengthen payment periods, and lower interest rates. We are frequently successful at minimizing your debt to as little as 60 cents per dollar owed.
  • Guard you against litigation - Some forms of settlement can still leave you open to be sued by your creditors. When you work with the experienced attorneys at Harold Shepley & Associates, we ensure that terms are included in your agreements that prevent this from happening.

Your creditors have attorneys fighting for them, shouldn't you have the same?

None of your creditors are looking to cut you a break - all they want is their money. Creditors don't see bankruptcy from experience like we do. It's time that you got some defense on your side, it's time that you called the attorneys at Harold Shepley & Associates.

Our number is 877-827-9006, call us today and let us help end the harassment and get you back on your feet. You can also contact us online - don't forget we offer a free consultation!

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