What are bankruptcy exemptions and why do they matter?

An exemption can be defined as the exercise of a right of an individual demonstrating that he or she may hold or retain property of a particular classification or specified dollar amount free from the claims of a creditor.  

Understanding how the Bankruptcy Code allows people to protect their property often eases the concerns of our clients.  Filing for bankruptcy relief to eliminate debt may be beneficial; however, it is also important to understand how and to what extent the Bankruptcy Code can help you protect your assets.  The easiest way to understand how exemptions operate in individual bankruptcy cases is accomplished with the illustration below.

Preserving assets in bankruptcy

The residents of Pennsylvania have the option to select the state exemptions or the federal exemptions to protect their assets.  There are advantages to using the state exemptions at times.  However, most of our clients select the federal exemptions because they are typically more generous and the most widely used exemptions by our clients.

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