What can I expect when I meet with the Trustee assigned to my bankruptcy case?

Our clients typically attend only one meeting, called the Meeting of Creditors, during the course of a bankruptcy case.  This meeting is a critical part of the bankruptcy case and it provides an opportunity for the Trustee to ask questions and review the assets, debts, and financial circumstances to determine whether the case should be permitted to proceed routinely. The meeting is scheduled by the Bankruptcy Clerk's Office after the case is filed.  It will be scheduled approximately 20-30 days after the case is filed.

The Trustee will confirm that the individual that filed the case reviewed all of the documents filed with the court and ensure that all information disclosed to the court is accurate. Expect to answer several questions that are designed to make sure that all assets and all debts have been disclosed. These questions will cover the same topics that we discuss with all of our clients as we work together to prepare the documents that will be presented to the court. The entire meeting will last approximately ten minutes depending upon the complexity of the case.

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