Should a Christian File for Bankruptcy?

God and Debt. Is There a Christian Debt Solution?

There is a belief “out there” that people in debt are bad, irresponsible, ignorant, stupid, or uncaring people.

Many of those who hold this belief are the debtors themselves. Every day, we talk with people that are embarrassed and ashamed. They feel like they have let their families, their friends, and society down. They feel like they have failed, and that they will never recover. Unfortunately, these feelings often delay the help they truly need.

These feelings of debt and of wondering if it is a sin to be in debt, keep them trapped in a reality that tortures them daily. It affects their relationships and can often cause marital distress leading to divorce.

These fears, false evidence appearing to be real, cause unnecessary stress that can easily be remedied by seeking a solution. These false assumptions come from a variety of areas. The biggest hurdle people must overcome is that they are not the only person to ever be in debt.

We tell our clients that at least half of their friends and family members have filed bankruptcy in the past. They just don’t know. In this social media world, everyone wants to share their triumphs and rarely their disappointments. At Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC, we are Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Lawyers with a Christian perspective. Learn more by visiting our Bankruptcy page.

Debt Forgiveness has Biblical Roots

There is also the thought that they have let God down and are somehow beyond redemption. If they only knew that bankruptcy had its roots within the Jewish heritage, then maybe they wouldn’t feel quite as bad. Back when Jesus walked the earth, the Jewish people celebrated the Festival of Jubilee every 7 years. All debts were forgiven between one person of Jewish faith and another person of Jewish faith.

The idea is that God doesn’t want you to be held captive by debt or anything else. The fact is that we make bad decisions every day that affect our relationships with God and the people around us. God is willing to forgive these sins if we simply ask for forgiveness.

You see, God is more interested in His relationship with you than any false front that you may portray. He has even offered the Festival of Jubilee in the past and now offers debt negotiation or bankruptcy in the present to deal with debt.

The choice to escape debt is up to you. Isn’t it time that you stepped out of your problem and into a solution? Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC can help get your financial world back on track. Call us today at 877-827-9006 or schedule a FREE consultation online. We’re here to help.

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