Debt Negotiation

Can I Keep My Home and Car?

You were thrilled when you were able to negotiate and settle one of your credit

When faced with mounting debt and life changing events like Bankruptcy, it is only natural to feel overwhelmed. What if you lose your car? Will they take away your home?

The Debt Negotiation Program at Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC is specifically designed to not only keep you out of Bankruptcy, but also provide you with the peace-of-mind of being able to keep your home and your car.

Debt Negotiation will settle your unsecured debt at 60% or less of the balance that you owe; therefore, allowing you to continue to make your monthly mortgage and car payments.

How Will Debt Negotiation Benefit Me?

  •  Debt Negotiation will allow you to avoid filing for Bankruptcy.
  •  Our staff will stop the harassing creditor calls.
  •  We will provide you with ONE low monthly payment.
  •  You will become debt free in about 3 years.

When you first call Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC, you will speak with a certified debt counselor.
Our debt counselors will discuss your financial situation with you and come up with a payment plan that is affordable for you. The monthly payment for the Debt Negotiation program is usually significantly less than what you are paying your creditors now.

We understand that this can be a very scary step to take and that is why we are with you every step of the way. The staff at Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC will answer all your questions and address all of your concerns.

What You Have To Look Forward To After Debt Negotiation

After working with us to successfully implement your debt management program, you will become:

  • Financially free of all unsecured debt
  • Living on a cash only basis
  • Having a budget in place to remain debt free

If your financial burdens are weighing you down and affecting your life, it is time for you to call Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC for your free consultation. Isn’t it time that you stepped out of your problem and into a solution? You have nothing to lose but your debt!

Harold Shepley and Associates can Help

At Harold Shepley and Associates, LLC, we have experience dealing with situations of both Debt Negotiation and Bankruptcy. We are a full service law firm that is client-oriented and will work hard to meet your personal needs in resolving debt.

Call us today at 877-827-9006, or complete our easy to use contact form. We’re ready to help!

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