How to Avoid Bankruptcy

It’s Not Too Late! The best way to avoid bankruptcy is with good money management, setting a budget and simply not spending more than you earn. Of course, we realize you are probably reading this article because you are already at a point of desperation. Perhaps our title should be: How to Avoid Bankruptcy When I’m… Continue reading How to Avoid Bankruptcy

So, You have Received a Collection Letter

Hearing from a Collection Agency Receiving a letter from a collection agency or attorney can be very intimidating. A collection letter may be written in a very friendly manner — ”Welcome to ABC Collections, we look forward to serving you and helping you determine which option works best for you to manage your debt.” Collection notices… Continue reading So, You have Received a Collection Letter

Should a Christian File for Bankruptcy?

God and Debt. Is There a Christian Debt Solution? There is a belief “out there” that people in debt are bad, irresponsible, ignorant, stupid, or uncaring people. Many of those who hold this belief are the debtors themselves. Every day, we talk with people that are embarrassed and ashamed. They feel like they have let… Continue reading Should a Christian File for Bankruptcy?

Credit Report Errors

How Your Credit Report Affects Your Life Your credit report has so much more to do with your life now than it used to.   For good or bad, your credit score can influence the rates of loans you are offered, security clearances, job applications, and even the cost of car insurance.  It’s more important than… Continue reading Credit Report Errors

The Envelope System

Handling Household Expenses without Credit Cards Want to reduce your credit card debt? Try the Envelope System. Credit cards are easy to use, too easy! You swipe them, sign them, and forget them! Then you try to put those charges out of your mind until the credit card statement comes. When you open that bill… Continue reading The Envelope System

Top 10 ways to Budget for Holiday Spending

Smart Ways to Budget for Christmas The holidays are almost here! You’ve been busy all year, and now your pre-holiday panic is starting to set in. It’s time to buy gifts, plan parties, and even travel back home to be with family. What will it all cost? A happy holiday season starts with a smart… Continue reading Top 10 ways to Budget for Holiday Spending

Are You Dependent on Credit Cards?

How do you know if you have developed an unhealthy dependency on your credit cards? Do you find yourself… Saying things will get better next month. Catching up on your bills with your bonus from work. Using your tax return to pay off bills. Day dreaming that your credit cards will be paid off someday.… Continue reading Are You Dependent on Credit Cards?

How to Find a Good Debt Relief Attorney

How to Find a Good Debt Relief Attorney Finding a good debt relief attorney is the most important step you can take in achieving freedom from overwhelming debt. Focus your efforts on finding a lawyer who deals with your specific issue and one that will be there for you, helping you through the whole process… Continue reading How to Find a Good Debt Relief Attorney

Successful Savers & Investors

Successful Savers & Investors Saving money and investing takes time and persistence. You need to be in control of your personal debt and living within your means. It’s not easy, and you may feel overwhelmed. To have money in your budget each month for savings and investment goals takes an ongoing financial commitment. How do… Continue reading Successful Savers & Investors

Debt Negotiation

Can I Keep My Home and Car? You were thrilled when you were able to negotiate and settle one of your credit When faced with mounting debt and life changing events like Bankruptcy, it is only natural to feel overwhelmed. What if you lose your car? Will they take away your home? The Debt Negotiation… Continue reading Debt Negotiation

1099-C – Cancellation of Debt Notice

1099-C Cancellation of Debt Notice You were thrilled when you were able to negotiate and settle one of your credit card accounts for much less than the full balance. Your debt relief efforts were showing results! Unfortunately, that thrill turned to anxiety and indignation when you received a 1099-C Cancellation of Debt notice from your… Continue reading 1099-C – Cancellation of Debt Notice

Creating a Monthly Budget

A Monthly Budget Worksheet can Help When it comes to getting your personal debt under control, a good place to begin is with the basics of a household or personal budget. Creating a monthly budget helps you identify where you may be overspending and can also help you in developing an overall financial plan. Building… Continue reading Creating a Monthly Budget

Does Debt Consolidation Work?

Be Careful – You Cannot Borrow Your Way Out of Debt! If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve been researching ways to get out of debt, or to improve your financial situation with regard to debt. In this article, we’ll consider how debt consolidation works. To begin, let’s start with the basics, like the difference… Continue reading Does Debt Consolidation Work?

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Don’t Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Consider Chapter 13 Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a payment plan that allows you to pay back some, but not necessarily all, of your debt. Chapter 13 is often a good solution for people who do not qualify for Chapter 7 because their incomes are too high (i.e., above the… Continue reading Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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