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Lawyers helping with divorce, identity theft and estate planning

Our practice is not limited to bankruptcy and alternative forms of debt relief. Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC helps you handle a variety of financial challenges and their lingering effects. We realize that a divorce can have a dramatic impact on your financial affairs.  That is why Harold Shepley & Associates has stepped forward to help men and woman who are victims of divorce.  We also realize that it is not enough just to help you get out of debt.  We want you to be able to pass down to future generations the assets you have worked so hard to acquire.  Therefore, Harold Shepley & Associates can assist you with wills, living wills, and powers of attorney at an affordable price.  Our attorneys also provide vigorous representation when you are a victim of identity theft.


If you are a victim of divorce, there is hope.  We are a Christian law firm dedicated to treating you with dignity, respect and compassion while helping you find hope in difficult times.  Our services include: divorce, custody, support and protection from abuse.  We offer low retainer fees with affordable payment plans.

Identity theft

You may assume that identity theft primarily occurs via the Internet, conducted by hackers who steal your credit card number or Social Security number. However, a 2009 study revealed that online theft accounted for only 11 percent of identity theft cases. Nearly half of the instances were due to theft of:

  • Wallets
  • Checkbooks
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards

When your identity is stolen, you can face large bills for purchases you did not make and you may find that your credit has been damaged. Our attorneys work swiftly to help you recover from identity theft, taking action to:

  • Contact your financial institutions and launch investigations
  • Notify businesses that you will not be held responsible for fraudulent transactions made in your name
  • Alert all three major credit bureaus that you are a victim of identity theft

We assist you with each step in the recovery from identity theft. Our lawyers stop creditors from pursuing balances you do not owe, and we help restore your credit to its former status.

Estate planning

Harold Shepley & Associates can assist you in preparing wills, living wills and powers of attorney.  Everyone knows they need them.  Everyone should have one.  And now you can get them at an affordable price.

Work with lawyers who can help you with all your financial concerns

Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC is a full-service law firm for people with financial issues. We can help you handle a wide range of concerns. If you are a victim of divorce, a victim of identity theft or need assistance with estate planning, contact our firm at (877) 553-3389. Your consultation is free.