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Why should a law firm negotiate my debt?

We employ all legal means available to stop harassing phone calls and letters. We want to work out a solution with your creditors, but we will sue them if necessary. Often, creditors will violate your rights simply because they can. By employing our firm, you balance the playing field.

Harold’s Story

I know how you feel because I have been there. I have been through the gambit of emotions just like you are going through. You are barely able to put food on the table, yet the creditors continue to hassle and harass you day and night. They say things to demean you with statements like, “So you really don’t want to pay your bills do you?” or “Can’t you borrow the money from a friend or relative?” You have tried talking to your creditors, but they don’t listen. You explain your circumstances five or six times a day only to explain them again to someone different from the same company the very next day. Finally, you start screening your calls to avoid another senseless, belittling conversation. Your friends begin to wonder why you no longer answer your phone and when they come over they hear messages being left on your answering machine. The creditors threaten to garnish your wages, sheriff sale your belongings, and throw you in jail.

It is degrading, depressing, and paralyzing. You want to pay your bills. You do not want to file bankruptcy. You don’t know where to turn or what to do. You eventually manage to tune out as much of the agony as possible. You literally bury your head in the sand and pretend this looming debt does not exist. Then the unthinkable happens, you get sued!

All of your neighbors get to watch the sheriff pull in at your house and come to your door to deliver the legal papers. You know you owe the debt, so why fight the lawsuit. A judgment gets entered against you. At last, you think the worst is over. It is not. The sheriff comes and starts to inventory your personal belongings. He is placing a levy on your possessions. Practically everything you own is going to be sold at a Sheriffs’ Sale. Now the true horror sets in and your mind begins to spin. What if they take my stove and refrigerator? Where will I sleep if they take my bed? Will they sell the kids’ toys?

Does any of this sound familiar? Your circumstances may be a little different, but the over-all feeling is still the same.

I know how you feel. What you just read is my own personal story. I have lived it in 3-D. But the story does not end there. Please allow me to continue.

I called my attorney for advice. At this time, although I was licensed to practice law, I knew nothing about bankruptcy or the alternatives. Although facing a Sheriffs’ Sale, I still wanted to avoid bankruptcy. How would it look for an attorney to file bankruptcy? When you call an attorney you expect to get proper advice. It turns out the gentleman I spoke with knew about as much as I did, at that time. He gave me bad advice. If I knew then what I know now, I never would have needed to file for bankruptcy.

I took his advice and decided to find a bankruptcy attorney and file in an effort to avoid the Sheriff Sale. The bankruptcy attorney wanted me to schedule an appointment and come in to his office. Although he was very friendly during the appointment, he was not very forth-coming. I imagine he did not want to say much until he was paid.

The price was staggering for someone who could not pay his bills. Shortly after meeting him, an acquaintance mentioned another attorney. My wife and I met with him. Initially, he was short, abrasive and to the point, which made us feel like we were more of a bother, than a paying client. He explained even less than the first attorney, but his fee was much less. Well, we got exactly what we paid for. This man went from short and abrasive to downright rude and arrogant. He rarely answered our questions, if he even bothered to return our calls at all. Our occasional discussions always left us feeling berated and ignored. Our experience left us totally demoralized.

I constantly asked the Lord why he was putting me through this. One day I came to the realization. I needed to go through this so other people would not have to share my pain and frustration. Yes, you may have no choice but to file for bankruptcy, but I will discuss at length your options and assist you in determining if this is necessary.

  • You will be treated with respect and dignity!
  • I will answer your questions thoroughly and explain it in non-legal terms to make sure you completely understand.
  • I WILL listen to your situation, because I care and want to know.
  • I will treat you the way I wanted to be treated, but was not.

When your debts have either been negotiated away or discharged through bankruptcy, I will help you get your credit back on track. You can start over just like I did.

We firmly believe bad things happen to good people all the time. That doesn’t make you bad, it just makes you unfortunate. Isn’t it time you stepped out of your problem and into a solution.

Since bankruptcy, I now tithe, which is something I did not do prior. The Lord has blessed me with a mission of serving others through my Full-Service Debt Law Firm. Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC. has grown to include 7 attorneys and 27 support staff in under 2 years. We very well may be the fastest growing law firm in the state of Pennsylvania. I believe it is attributed to the care and dedication to our clients and the faith I personally place in Jesus Christ.


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