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Free Debt Relief Consultation by Phone

Get our opinion without travel or cost

Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC offers a free phone consultation to anyone needing help with debt relief. Our lawyers assist people from all over the country and can readily evaluate your needs over the phone.  If you wish, you are welcome to make an appointment for a free consultation at our corporate office in Somerset, Pennsylvania.

Our Pennsylvania bankruptcy attorneys explore all of your options

We will examine your situation to determine whether bankruptcy, debt negotiation or mortgage foreclosure defense is in your best interest.  There is no fee for our services until you step out of your problem and into a solution.

Use our convenient form to help us assess your situation

We encourage you to complete our debt relief questionnaire.  This provides us with a brief snapshot of your financial situation.  We strongly suggest you gather the information in advance of your free consultation, using the convenient questionnaire.  While completing the questionnaire is encouraged, it is not required to receive a free consultation.

We treat you with dignity and respect

We empathize strongly with your situation.  Our attorneys respect your privacy and treat your inquiry with complete confidentiality.  Our debt relief law firm provides a free consultation because you deserve to know where you stand.

Take the first step toward resolving your debt problem

Take full advantage of your free consultation.  You can find out what your debt options are at no cost. Contact Harold Shepley & Associates LLC at 877.553.3389 for a free consultation. We act quickly to offer you solutions and put them into action.


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