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Is it Possible to Defend Against Home Foreclosure?

As the rate of foreclosures has grown in the last few years, so has the rate of successful foreclosure defense. In the past, it was almost impossible for homeowners to challenge the banks and lenders foreclosing on their houses, but now more and more are fighting back and winning. Although the easiest way to prevent… Read More »

Report: One-Third of Americans Struggle with Debt

The stigma of debt prevents most people from admitting their financial troubles. But according to a new study by the Urban Institute, more than one-third of Americans currently have debts in collections. About 35 percent of Americans­­ — more than 77 million people — have debts delinquent enough to be sent to collections and reported… Read More »

Mortgage foreclosure Defense: An Option worth Exploring

If you need to stop or stall foreclosure on your home, you may opt for mortgage foreclosure defense over filing for bankruptcy. Foreclosure defense may give you enough time to bring your loan out of default, sell your property, or take other action. It may also lead to a well-negotiated mortgage modification. What does Foreclosure… Read More »

Foreclosure Woes? You Do Have Options

Over a period of 11 years, hundreds of homeowners facing foreclosure were the victims of a foreclosure remediation scam, which eventually forced many into involuntary bankruptcy proceedings.  Andrew Bartok’s company, Revelations a/k/a “Foreclosure Club of America”, promised homeowners that, in exchange for fees paid to his company, they would be able to stay in their… Read More »

Foreclosure Defense as an Alternative to Bankruptcy

In some cases, a bankruptcy lawyer can help you with foreclosure defense, which is an alternative to filing bankruptcy. To understand how foreclosure defense works, you first have to understand how the mortgage industry changed its operating basis in recent years. The way the mortgage industry used to work was the individual bought a house… Read More »

Can a Mortgage Modification Help You?

Mortgage foreclosure defense is a way to avoid foreclosure and keep your home if you can no longer make your mortgage payments. It consists of changing the terms of your original mortgage to better suit your current financial situation. The process consists of sitting down with your bank or other mortgage lender and agreeing to… Read More »

Spot Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Most of us learned growing up that taking advantage of people who are struggling or “kicking them when they’re down” is unfair and unethical. However, the sad truth is that plenty of people try to do just that. Many good people whose homes are facing foreclosure are taken advantage of by foreclosure rescue schemers every… Read More »

Banks Paying Homeowners to Avoid Foreclosures

Banks, anxious to move troubled mortgages off their books, have started offering cash incentives to homeowners to sell their properties for less than what they owe – typically called a “short sale.” In the past, banks have balked or dragged their feet at short sales. However, lately, they have decided that short sales are more… Read More »

Avoiding Foreclosure

According to a recent article in the Daily American newspaper, last year at least 166 Somerset County properties were bank-owned, sold “short,” or foreclosed.  We know this is just a fraction of what’s going on all across the state of Pennsylvania and the nation.  Recently, Vohnie Lemon of Harold Shepley & Associates, told the Daily… Read More »