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A Skilled Attorney Can Assist with Personal Bankruptcy

You may feel like you can manage your debts and other financial difficulties on your own, but when it comes to filing for personal bankruptcy, it’s crucial to seek the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney to ensure you make it through this complicated process with the best chance of full financial recovery. Seeking advice […]

Five Tips for Dealing with Significant Debt

Debt can pile up unexpectedly, and before you know it, you’re struggling to pay your creditors. It might seem insurmountable, but don’t give up. Instead, try these five strategies for managing your debt and getting back on track: 1)      Ask for help. Your creditors are not rooting for you to fail. If you’re having trouble […]

Is it Possible to Defend Against Home Foreclosure?

As the rate of foreclosures has grown in the last few years, so has the rate of successful foreclosure defense. In the past, it was almost impossible for homeowners to challenge the banks and lenders foreclosing on their houses, but now more and more are fighting back and winning. Although the easiest way to prevent […]

Beware of Credit Repair Scams in Pennsylvania

If you are facing overwhelming debt or have even filed for bankruptcy to eliminate it, you may be vulnerable to scams claiming to repair your credit report or remove bankruptcy and liens from your credit file. Credit repair companies can help you get back on track financially, but be sure to do your research to […]

Making the Decision to File for Bankruptcy Protection in Pennsylvania

Filing for bankruptcy can be a viable way of eliminating your overwhelming debt and starting over financially, but before you choose to, consider the following factors. This will help you decide whether or not Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best choice for you: 1)      Qualifying for bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires that […]

Key Tips for Settling or Reducing Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is one problems most Americans face at one point or another, and it can seem insurmountable. But settling your debt is a viable option, and can help you get started on the road to recovery. In a debt settlement program, you agree to pay a lump sum that is less than the […]

Don’t Let Debt Collectors Harass, Intimidate

Everyone knows that ignoring debt collectors’ calls is not a good idea. Refusing to answer and negotiate with them can just make the situation worse. But when it comes to their collection tactics, you should know your rights. Federal standards Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has […]

What Happens to Student Loans in a Personal Bankruptcy?

Students often take out loans feeling certain that they’ll get a job that enables them to repay in full right after graduating. But new graduates are encountering difficulty finding a good job. When their student loans come up for repayment, this lack of a good job can present a problem. Your repayment obligation for student […]

Report: One-Third of Americans Struggle with Debt

The stigma of debt prevents most people from admitting their financial troubles. But according to a new study by the Urban Institute, more than one-third of Americans currently have debts in collections. About 35 percent of Americans­­ — more than 77 million people — have debts delinquent enough to be sent to collections and reported […]

Bankruptcy May Help Save Historic Pennsylvania Amusement Park

Pennsylvania’s historic Conneaut Lake Park has been authorized for a sheriff’s sale due to its significant debt in back taxes. But the park may still be able to save itself by filing for bankruptcy. The beloved Crawford County amusement park, which is 122 years old, has accrued $910,000 in back taxes over the last 14 […]


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