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Starting Off Right with Budgeting Tips

In our consumer-driven society, young people are pressured into spending their hard-earned money, but most are not encouraged to save money. Credit card companies routinely bombard them with new ways to finance a made-for-television lifestyle. You can prepare your children for a better future by helping them develop good financial habits at home. Start with… Read More »

Things to Consider Before Filing Bankruptcy

Thousands of people file bankruptcy in Pennsylvania for various reasons. Some file to save their home in the face of foreclosure. Others may file because they lost their jobs and the debts just keep accruing. The circumstances leading up to bankruptcy are never simple, and the decisions you make before you file may become defining… Read More »

How are Taxes Treated when You File for bankruptcy?

Many individuals accumulate income tax debt and find that it is difficult to pay off the balance that is owed.  Nothing is more uncomfortable than owing the IRS money.  Thankfully, some taxes can be eliminated or reduced during a bankruptcy case.  Taxes are treated differently based upon the chapter under which a bankruptcy case is… Read More »

Preserving your Property in Bankruptcy through Redemption and Reaffirmation

Bankruptcy offers a sound solution to people who want to get rid of an overwhelming amount of debt.  When you file for bankruptcy relief, your debts are divided into two categories: secured and unsecured.  A secured debt is one for which the item itself,  such as a residence, automobile, furniture, or other possession, functions as… Read More »

Good Days May be Ahead for Pennsylvania’s Economy

Recent news reports indicate that the economy in Pennsylvania is showing slight signs of improvement. According to the state’s Department of Labor (DOL), Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate dropped to 7.5 percent in May. In addition, the DOL calculated an additional 24,000 new jobs to the state, the highest increase in month since 1983. Furthermore, DOL data… Read More »

Why You Need a Lawyer for Debt Negotiation

If you have regular income but can no longer afford to make the minimum payments on your unsecured debt — credit card bills, medical bills, apartment leases, cell phone bills, utilities — your debt may be a good candidate for negotiation.  Creditors may agree to accept less than the full amount of your debt under… Read More »

Filing for Bankruptcy can Immediately Relieve Creditor Collections

Among the many benefits that come with filing for bankruptcy is stopping creditor collections. Once you file your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition a special court injunction—known as the automatic stay — halts creditors from coercing you to pay on your debt. With few exceptions, most any creditor that you name on your… Read More »

What You Can Expect at the Bankruptcy Creditor’s Meeting

Not long after you file your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, the court will appoint a trustee who will oversee the management of your case. In addition to reviewing your petition and various schedules you file, the trustee gathers information about your financial state. This includes presiding over a section 341 hearing —… Read More »

Coping with Financial Troubles

Struggling with debt not only can take a financial toll, but also an emotional and physical toll on you and your loved ones. The stress and anxiety of debt can be the source of tension, arguments or the onset of unhealthy habits, such as alcohol or drug abuse. Here, we present how you can deal… Read More »

Mortgage foreclosure Defense: An Option worth Exploring

If you need to stop or stall foreclosure on your home, you may opt for mortgage foreclosure defense over filing for bankruptcy. Foreclosure defense may give you enough time to bring your loan out of default, sell your property, or take other action. It may also lead to a well-negotiated mortgage modification. What does Foreclosure… Read More »