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Solutions to troubled finances not limited to bankruptcy

Bankruptcy attorneys providing practical solutions for people in Harrisburg and all of Pennsylvania

Bankruptcy offers a viable solution to debt under certain circumstances, but anyone facing financial strife needs to consider all options first. The bankruptcy attorneys at Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC work with clients to analyze their unique situation before presenting the most appropriate options to help guide them back to financial health.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney takes a personalized approach

Different circumstances create debt issues for our clients in Harrisburg and throughout Pennsylvania, and each situation requires personalized solutions.  Each bankruptcy lawyer at our firm considers every detail before offering choices, such as the following:

Consumer debt.  While Harrisburg families with credit card and other forms of consumer debt can often obtain relief through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, each attorney at our firm looks first to less complex and stressful alternatives.  For example, we can often renegotiate outstanding debt with creditors, potentially reducing your debt obligation and extending the payment terms to make payments affordable.  Our lawyers also regularly assist individuals facing debt that the law prohibits from discharge in bankruptcy.

Mortgage payment issues.  Harrisburg families with little debt other than mortgages may not need bankruptcy to resolve their issues.  Our attorneys may recommend negotiating a mortgage foreclosure defense as the most appropriate solution.

Bankruptcy options.  Even when our attorneys recommend bankruptcy for families in Harrisburg and elsewhere in Pennsylvania, we make sure they pursue the right type of bankruptcy based on their qualifications—and their personal needs.  Even those who qualify for Chapter 7 may achieve better results through Chapter 13, which typically allows them to retain more of their assets and emerge from bankruptcy with a brighter financial future.

Every analysis begins by completing our comprehensive qualifying questionnaire that helps us provide the right solutions during your free initial consultation.

Find solutions anywhere in PA from our Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Somerset-area bankruptcy lawyers

The experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC can help you find the right solutions for your unique circumstances.  From our Somerset office near Pittsburgh, our bankruptcy lawyers can help you by phone, no matter where you live in Pennsylvania.  Contact us at 877.553.3389.  Debt relief is within reach.